Is chiropractic safe?

Absolutely. Chiropractic is one of the safest health care options available and offers an outstanding safety record. As with any health treatment, there is a very small chance of complications. However, when weighed against the benefits, chiropractic comes out a winner hands down.

In 1978, the government of New Zealand released a report on the efficiency and safety of chiropractic care. Hearings were conducted that lasted nearly two years to assess the efficacy and safety of chiropractic care. This 377-page report is called “The New Zealand Report.”

Among the report’s findings:

Chiropractors are the only health practitioners who are necessarily equipped by their education and training to carry out spinal manual therapy (spinal adjustments).
Chiropractors carry out spinal diagnosis and therapy at a sophisticated and refined level.
Spinal manual therapy in the hands of a registered chiropractor is safe.
The duration and training of a registered chiropractor are sufficient to enable him/her to determine whether there are contraindications to spinal manual therapy in a particular case, and whether that patient should have medical care instead of, or as well as, chiropractic care.

New Zealand Report. Hasselberg PD. Government Printer, Wellington 1979.

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