In 1998 I had heard of a new chiropractor coming to our area. We were not satisfied with the chiropractor we were seeing at the time. Things were just not happening. We scheduled an appointment as soon as her office opened the doors.

The first visit we were made to feel like we had known Dr. Sue for years. She explained everything to us regarding what procedure she was going to do and told us at that time if she couldn't help us she would find someone who could. The adjustments were wonderful and very helpful to the both of us.

In 1989 JR had a tractor-trailer accident and was in terrible pain. After tests, x-rays and treatment in the emergency room, he would not stay in the hospital and I brought him home. I called Dr. Sue and she said, "Bring him right in." It took three people to get him from the car to the office. She immediately took him in and was only able to adjust his pressure points with two fingers because of the pain. It was Dr. Sue that found a broken fifth lumbar, not the hospital.

After a short period of time she realized she could not help him with his type of injury and referred him to an orthopedic doctor in York, PA. We continued to see Dr. Sue between visits to York and firmly believe she is the one who was able keep him walking. Although JR is handicapped, he still makes regular office visits to Dr. Sue and we owe his ability to get around to her. Thank you so much Dr. Sue!



I was not new to chiropractic adjustments in 1995 when I had an on-the-job injury and was sent to the company chiropractor for treatment. Since I had received good care from another local practitioner for many years, I was reluctant to visit a different doctor. My fears were soon put to rest during my first visit with Dr. Sue. Not only was everyone in the office "down-home friendly," but with a waiting room full of patients Dr. Sue still took time to make me feel like the only patient she had to be concerned about. This is the experience you have every time you have an appointment. It's not just the "we'll get you in the door" red carpet concept.

Dr. Sue always explains everything she will do before she proceeds. There are no mysteries and no question you can ask that she won't address. Unlike so many other doctors, if Harchak Chiropractic Clinic is unable to treat your condition, they are up front with you. They are not there to make money from a patient who can't be helped. Harchak's are always up on new technology. They have recently added the Pro-Adjuster, which uses cutting-edge technology to locate and then correct back and other problems.

Within the last six months both of my knees have been replaced. Prior to my surgery, my lower back and hips suffered from the bad knees. Because of Dr. Sue's treatments, I was able put off the necessary surgery until the orthopedic doctor could perform the operation. I know the adjustments kept me walking. I live 46 miles round trip from the Clinic and there are at least four local chiropractic offices within five miles of my house. However, the trip to Dr. Sue's is certainly worth every mile. To borrow the slogan from a well-known national insurance company, "You're in good hands" when you are a patient at Harchak Chiropractic Clinic.

— E.B.

Several years ago I began to have problems with numbness and weakness in my hands. At first I thought, "oh this is nothing, it will go away", but it didn't, it just got worse and worse. As an auto body mechanic my ability to use my hands is essential and I began to notice a decline in my job performance. I also began to notice that I was injuring my hands because I couldn't feel what was happening to them. Eventually my employers began to notice that I was not able to do my job as well as I once had and when the next round of layoffs came, in spite of 24 years of experience, my name was on the list.

I moved from one job to another for a time and eventually found myself virtually un-employable because of the numbness and weakness in my hands. A few months ago I moved to another state to be near my son and my new doctor suggested that I give chiropractic a try. I began to see Dr. Arron Harchak who explained to me the health benefits of chiropractic and began adjusting me. This was a turning point in my life, within a couple of visits not only had the numbness in my hands gone away, but the chronic neck and back pain that I had been living with for years was nearly gone. I felt better then I had in years.

My life has been completely changed because of chiropractic. I am now working a steady job as an auto body mechanic and my quality of life is better than it has been in many years. The numbness and weakness in my hands gone and I no longer live with the pain that I thought was "normal." My son and his family also see Dr. Aaron Harchack and are adjusted regularly. It has become a family experience that we all look forward to and enjoy.

— R.B.


On a recent trip snowboarding, I fell and broke my arm. I fell on my back first and then landed on my arm. I was taken to a local hospital where they x-rayed my arm and casted it. Although my arm started to heal, the middle of my back still hurt. My mother suggested I go to Dr. Sue to see if she could help me. She x-rayed my back and saw several misalignments. After just a few adjustments of my spine, I started to feel so much better. I now have no pain at all.

I am active in sports and I know the importance of having spinal adjustments regularly. I know I will continue to see Dr. Sue. She's really great! Thanks a bunch!

Thank you, Dr. Sue, for helping me.

— C.D.


I moved to Pennsylvania about a year ago. I have been suffering with migraine headaches for many, many years. I have tried many medications with minimal results. With the move to this area, I finally decided that I was going to make a change and try chiropractic, also.

I saw Dr. Sue Harchak's ad in the telephone book and decided to give her a call. Her courteous staff got me in to see her that very day and my life has never been the same since.

I immediately felt a connection with the staff and particularly Dr. Sue. She put me at ease and I felt like I had known her all my life. She adjusted my neck with the Pro-Adjuster, which is a computerized adjusting tool. I felt no discomfort, only relief. I have been able to eliminate my medication and with regular chiropractic adjustments, I am able to work and take care of my family "headache free."

Thank you, Dr. Sue, for helping me.

— M.P.


My husband and I were involved in an automobile accident the summer of 2004. We were on vacation in Florida and were rearended by a large truck who could not get stopped. We were transported to a local hospital and although we had no broken bones, we discovered we had severe whiplash.

Upon our return to town, we immediately contacted Harchak Chiropractic Clinic and with Dr. Sue's care and concern, we got the help we needed. Through chiropractic adjustments and therapy at her office, we have been finally able to get through our days with no pain.

Although we have recovered from the effects of the accident, we now know the importance of maintaining our health and see Dr. Sue every month to get adjusted. We couldn't live without it!!

Thank you, Dr. Sue, for everything you've done for us.

— T.W.

 I have suffered with chronic low back and leg pain for many years. Over the past year I developed excruciating left leg pain and numbness. I went to the pain clinic and they gave me pills and shots, which gave me temporary relief.

Then I decided to try Dr. Harchak's decompression table. She used the cold laser and the decompression table on me and for the first time in the past twelve months I have no leg pain or numbness.

— F.D.


I suffered with low back pain for years. My sister is a patient of Dr. Sue Harchak and she recommended that I try chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before but felt like I had because Dr. Sue made me feel so at ease and relaxed. I have had regular chiropractic adjustments and adjustments with the Pro-Adjuster machine, and I feel just wonderful.

My low back pain is gone and I feel years younger because I have no pain now. I am able to do things around my house that I had not been able to do in years.

I don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for Dr. Sue and her wonderful staff. Whenever I need in, they always try to get me in to see Dr. Sue that same day.

Thanks to all of you for your caring treatment of my spine!

— D.K.

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